Sunday Fast Finish Tempo Run, by
21.011 km
98 minutes
June 8, 2019

Great morning for a run in the park.

Today is officially 4 weeks from the Gold Coast Marathon, so it was time to have a real hit out to see how my progress is going and hopefully gain some extra confidence from the training I have been going through over the past 10 or so weeks.

Kirsty building up for her 40th half marathon and wants it to coincide with her 40th birthday coming up an a few months, so today was number 38 at the Sri Chinmoy Auckland Half Marathon Series. I'm not sure if there are Sri Chinmoy races in other cities or countries around the world but in both Australia and New Zealand, they are well know for being well organised races with friendly, smaller fields as well as not being too costly. They also give you breakfast afterwards, which is a bonus.

My plan for the race was to do a fast finish tempo run today, by taking the first 5km of the run easy as a warm up, and then the final 16km of the race at marathon race pace. The first 5km of the run were nice and fun and almost dropped down to last place for the half marathon, but then I turned it on and hit sub 4 minutes 30 seconds each kilometre for the rest of the race. After a tough week of training it was great to get that done and a good confidence boost heading into the marathon in four weeks time.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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