Morning Ride, by @wwwiebe
15.466 km
47 minutes
April 20, 2021

I found myself at a standstill with all of my work projects this morning; literally, all of them were on hold for at least the morning. For one project I need feedback from a fellow in Europe who is 6 hours ahead of me and won't respond until tomorrow, and the other requires assistance from people 3 hours behind me, which I knew I wouldn't get until lunch.

This doesn't happen terribly often where I find I have a few hours "to myself," so to speak, so I finished up some busy-work for the projects and planned on a bike ride. Being that I had the time, I warmed up with some core and chest exercises first then hit the road.

I decided to make a small detour on my typical route to look at some construction that has been occurring nearby; the nearby former college dorm towers have been torn down and are being replaced with student apartments, a lagoon, walking path, and playground. I didn't stop to take pictures because I simply didn't want to stop, but it certainly looks like it is progressing nicely. It always impresses me how construction sites end up looking like their own little portable village, with trailers for the crew to meet and eat in, portapotties scattered strategically and, of course, the crew themselves milling about. What amazes me most is that the tower buildings that were there previously were demolished and the rubble carted away.

Farther down my route I passed another construction site, larger that the first. This second site used to be two arms of a strip mall. Now demolished, they are going to be replaced with.... college apartments. Of course. I live in a college town. And restaurants. Probably a coffee shop, too.

When I finally returned home I rewarded myself with a warm shower and a bowl of cubed watermelon, my favourite fruit.

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Sounded like the optimal time to take a break, get out and enjoy a cycle ride. Construction still carries on, humans never stop building, being for students they will be sure to fill up more so than any more shopping malls.

Enjoy test driving your Exhaust page, not heard of it Victor. Staying healthy and happy sounds good!



Thanks! I like Exhaust, and though I'm certainly not the same calibre athlete as some of the others, I enjoy chatting with them and they help me to push myself a little more.

And you're spot on about continued construction. It seems that we're in a constant state of improvement.


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