Morning Run - Another tadpole, by @steevc
6.928 km
40 minutes
April 8, 2021

Well the route looks like a tadpole or a sperm. It was slightly warmer than Tuesday, but I still went with gloves. I could almost do this route blindfolded, but that might make crossing roads hazardous. There was a fair bit of traffic on the main drag, but the side roads were clear. There was a red kite circling over the WI hall, possibly looking for a Victoria sponge to swoop down on.

Then it was the slog up West Drive that I have done so many times. There is obviously some construction work going on up there as there have been lots of vehicles parked by the place half way up with some guys in hi-viz. I think it is a nursing home or similar.

My legs started tight as usual, but were loosening up a bit by the time I got to Fairfield. I went anti-clockwise and saw a friend walking his dog. I am sure all the hills must do me some good, but it feels hard. I just have to keep on pushing.

Coming back down West Drive, with some extra speed, I spotted a woodpecker on a tree. It flew off as I got close. I saw a few runners out, some more than once as they were going the other way around the loop. I kept up the pace along the High Street back to home.

My average pace has been nothing special lately. It feels like the fronts of my thighs are tight and my legs just do not move as well as they did a few months back. I am still able to run, but my progress has stalled. I do some stretching before I go out, but it is not making much difference. I will keep on running as long as it is not painful or feeling like it is doing me harm. I think my heart and lungs benefit.

Run free and stay well.

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Nice job on your run. That is a pretty funny looking route. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it though. Some of these routes that I see people post don't make sense at all! You wonder how they got home! Take care of yourself!


Our village is pretty much one long road where you can drive in from either end. This route is up to what was the old asylum. You can only drive half way up to the care home, but you can carry on by foot or bike. At least I have a few options for routes and it's not all round busy roads. Cities are not so nice for running unless you have decent parks.


I can test this app out now. I could not before cause I did not have enough hive power. I’ll go out to run this evening. Maybe I can write on it too


What power did you need? You have plenty of HP to keep your resource credits up.