Morning Run - Exploring, by @steevc
14.053 km
81 minutes
April 4, 2021

It was a little chilly first thing today,. but the sun was out and it warmed up. I was up for a fairly long run even though my legs felt a bit stiff. I did not really think about the route too much, but just headed out on my usual Sunday loop. Running up the hill was hard work, but the flats were okay.

It was fairly quiet out there with just a few runners and dog walkers. I did the long loop through the new(ish) Stotfold estate and then went around the back by the church. I was thinking I would do the usual route down Vaughan Road, but on impulse decided to take the Astwick road to pick up the tracks across the fields. I have never actually run into Astwick itself, but ought to some time. There is so footpath on that road, but there is very little traffic. Once on the track I thought I may as well follow it round toward Dove House. It really was nice out there with nature coming into bloom. There is a path called the Kingfisher Way around there, but I did not see any of those birds.

I did encounter a couple of dog walkers on the narrow path back to the main road, but they made room for me. I had to wait a moment to cross the road. Although I was tired I took the long way home round the back streets and paths to stretch out the distance. I have been aiming for 30km each week and fell slightly short this time, but I still passed 400km for the year so far. I did 1400km last year and want to beat that.

Run free and stay well.

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