Morning Run - Back to the fields, by @steevc
5.172 km
31 minutes
March 9, 2021

I very rarely forget to start my watch when I run, but today I was about ten minutes into it before I realised I was not timing myself. I was probably distracted by my podcast. I have been listening to Renegades where Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen discuss various topics around life in America including racism and music. A couple of smart guys.

I had decided to brave the potentially muddy paths to get to the fields where I have not been for some time. The track that leads to the railway bridge had some puddles that I could get around, but otherwise it was not too bad. It was cool out, but with blue skies.

I eventually looked at my watch and realised I had not started the timer, but it does not really matter. I ran across to RAF Henlow where it looks like some new houses are being built. I then ran along a road that leads to a farm. A car was behind me along there, but seemed reluctant to come past even though there was enough room and I was right on the edge. I just ignored them.

The run felt like hard work, but my legs are not fully recovered from the weekend run. It was still good to be out. I feel lucky to have this countryside on my doorstep. I had a close encounter with a pheasant and also saw a swan, ducks and geese as well as the ponies on the meadow. There were just a few people out there. As I came back I saw a couple of ladies who I suspect were going for a swim in the river. Some kids are back at school now, but I only passed a few of them.

I just had a text to say I can get a COVID vaccination, so I will look into getting that done.

Run free and stay well.

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That sounds like a really awesome podcast to listen to. My wife an I skipped our morning workout yesterday because I was having some issues. Instead we went for a walk after work. It was far more rushed than we would have liked, but it felt good to get out and do some exercise outside again. This morning we were back to our regular routine.


You should have a listen. It's a lovely day here now. I'm not working today as I had annual leave to use up.


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.


Off road running is the best. It’s less straining on your joints too I reckon. Sounds like you have a great route there. Well done πŸ‘


It was a bit uneven in places, but that may help strengthen the joints if I don't twist anything too much. We have a nice variety of routes around here.



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Enjoy a !BEER in the meantime...

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