Sunday longer run, by @rthelly
21.019 km
110 minutes
Feb. 21, 2021

Steady Sunday miles down the River Trent. Another stop/start run through mud and fields but no hills this weekend :) I was meant to do this route last month but the river had burst its banks and it has only been the past week or so that it has finally receded back to its normal place. It was lovely out today. No wind, about 11 degrees and a tiny bit of drizzle. You can definitely feel spring in the air and it felt so warm that I had to take off my base layer (long sleeve T-shirt) after 5k! My body is still feeling the aftereffects of last weeks cold and todays run felt like a hard slog despite the easier than normal terrain. 33.8 miles for the week... not as easy as I was planning!

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With muddy passages like the one on the photo, this was more a strength exercise. You are lucky you didn't lose your shoes there :)

Good work!



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