Slow recovery run, by @dannewton
6.384 km
42 minutes
Feb. 19, 2021

Just a slow recovery run after I pushed hard on the last session. I chose to run down to Waddington, a quick loop around the village, and then headed home. 6km at a slow pace, and was mostly comfortable although I noticed the tightness in my left hip/hamstring has reappeared.

It doesn't feel overly painful or anything, but it was noticeable throughout the session. I was gonna go back out for another small run on Sunday, but on reflection I should probably give it a miss and take a 2nd day of rest instead.

In other news I have reached the 100km Challenge Target over on strava and quite pleased to have reached this with 9 days to spare. The next goal will be 200km per month, but I'm still a little way of achieving that.

Watch this space... ;-)

The chart below shows how I have slowly and consistently increased the weekly mileage and I'm happy with how my training is progressing at the moment. Note I refer to 'training' not 'exercising'.

Exercising is getting hot and sweaty 3 x a week. Training is focusing on improving my performance/ability/times. It requires a bit of planning but I want to see actual 'improvements in my fitness, not just trying to tire myself out each time.

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