Morning Run - Bleugh, by @steevc
6.641 km
38 minutes
Feb. 16, 2021

I was not feeling great this morning. The cat woke me up at 3am wanting food and then again just before my alarm went off. I between we were both restless and I feel I did not sleep much. I still decided I needed to get out for a run.

It has turned a lot warmer since Sunday and I was okay in a t-shirt. I did my usual Fairfield loop, avoiding the mud that will be soggy again now. I was fairly slow to start with, but any sort of movement felt like an achievement. It got a little better once I was up the hill.

I was just happy to plod along listening to some podcasts today with no attempts at sprints. As usual I picked up a bit of speed coming back down.

I feel a little better after breakfast, shower and coffee, but I may crash later. Since I got back it has started raining fairly hard, so at least I missed that.

Run free and stay well.

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You got out that's the important thing, sometimes that's all you can do.

Your cat sounds like he needs training!

@tipu curate


Our cat is too old to train. They are nocturnal creatures anyway. It's like having a baby in the house sometimes.

I'm determined to get in some distance this year and hope it leads to improvements.

Cheers for the tipu. That brightened my day :)



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We got about five inches of snow last night. It was a pretty exciting drive into work for me. Nice job on your run. You would have gotten some extra cardio if you tried running here!


Take care in that snow. What we had is all gone now, but the roads were okay anyway.