Morning Run, by @dannewton
10.065 km
61 minutes
Feb. 15, 2021

After daytime temps of -2C last week, I'm pleased to see that the weather has started to warm up again. Today I went out at 11AM and the temperature felt almost tropical at 9C! This is closer to what we should be getting here at this time of year (last week was unsually cold!). And the best bit is the fact that almost all the treacherous ice has disappeared overnight.

It was starting to get a bit annoying...

Todays run was just a gentle 10K. I had a 9 hour shift at work afterwards and didn't fancy over doing it. And I run out of time to squeeze a longer run in anyway. Will go for a longer run on thursday when I have a bit more time to spare.

So yeah, nice comfortable run today, legs felt a little stiff to begin with, but they loosened off after a couple of km. The route was the standard (slightly boring) lap around the village, which I did twice to take me to 10km. After I returned home I had my breakfast (porridge) and headed off to work.

It turned out my shift was fairly generic and boring, which makes a nice change as often it can be utter chaos at times. I always make sure I make the most of an easy day as it rarely happens haha

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