It's getting hot..., by @aussieninja
3.8 km
25 minutes
May 7, 2019

Hi everyone!

So, it's literally been 5 days since I did those ninja training exercises on Thursday, and my Climber's Elbow is still hurting. Overuse injuries are the absolute worst! Once it calms down completely, I'll go back to my rehab exercises. Once I can get through those without issue, then I'll start to slowly add the ninja training exercises in one by one until I can work out exactly what's aggravating the spot. I'll then do everything but that exercise, and hopefully I can build everything around it so that it eventually heals. It's only been 9 months, it's probably a good time for my elbow to start healing.

That job really seems to be running to fill out paperwork for my visa... but seems to refuse to provide an actual letter of offer or contract... no idea what to make of all that... obviously I can't give notice to my current job without it all being super official...

We had the builder and the kitchen interior designer come to our place today! 19th of Jan to 6th of May... that's how long the insurance stuff has taken, but now we're good to go. We were super nervous they wouldn't be able to work within the insurance claim's budget, but it looks like they can. They're going to plan it all out on Wednesday, and hopefully we'll have dudes absolutely destroying our kitchen next week. So excite!

I drove a tractor yesterday! I'd never ridden one before, let alone totally control it by myself. Our neighbour lent it to us after she heard me mowing for almost 2 days straight... it was amazing! I mowed 2 fields in like an hour... way better than the 8 hours they took last time. So good! Totally scary at times, I thought I was totally going to tip it... but I didn't cause a single fatality or crush any fences... success!

My run was pretty good today... it's super heating up. I ran in 18 degrees, which is the hottest I've had in a while... and it might take me a little bit to acclimatize. Luckily my hill sprints hill is in total shade, so that's a huge bonus. I'm starting to hit 5 full sprints without dying... the system works!

Hope you're all well!

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