🏃 My Running Log | Southampton Marathon 2019!, by @harryp3
42.663 km
237 minutes
May 5, 2019

Yesterday I ran the Southampton Marathon 2019 in an official time of 3:57:37. I had some stomach issues after just 15km in, which limited me to a run-walk for most of the second half - running just 800m made me feel vigorously sick, and I almost pulled out at two points on the route (I'm quite amazed that I didn't looking back on it all). I think I overhydrated before the start and at the first two hydration stations, and had litres of liquid just gushing around inside of me (which I could feel and hear, and I'm 99.99% sure a few runners around me heard it as well - was not fun at all!).

My first half was strong, running it in around 1:36:22 (according to Strava), and with a positive split I'm sure that a sub-3:10 would've been on the cards, but I tried my hardest to keep going but the sickness sensation just did me in the end, and I could barely muster a run. I coped with the nasty hills really well on the first lap, but I can't really say the same about the second (even though I did) as I wasn't exerting myself as much.

I'm really, really disappointed after having such a strong 2019 - breaking my 5k, 10k and Half Marathon PBs over the past two months, and was expecting my full Marathon PB to fall considerably yesterday. In the end, Strava estimates that my Marathon PB is now 3:55:36, so a PB by just a few minutes, and a lot of unfinished business to do wherever my next Marathon will be (Currently I'm thinking Yorkshire Marathon in October). To add to my disappointment, my older brother ran a 3:10 at Belfast yesterday the same time as I was running, and he wasn't expecting to make it past Mile 6 with an IT-band injury.

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