Dodging the ice!, by @dannewton
10.081 km
62 minutes
Feb. 11, 2021

TL:DR - Chilly out there today. Most of the snow has gone, but some large patches of ice remain.

After the snow storm on Monday, and a bit more snow which fell on Tuesday, it is is now slowly melting away. It is still very cold at the moment (midday highs of 1C, with a wind-chill effect of -4C). The clear skies mean the sun is melting what it can, but with temperatures so cold at the moment, the patches of snow are half melting and then freezing into sheet ice overnight.

As you can see from the photo above, the paths are clear in plenty of places, but there are still a few ice patches around to be wary of. It would take just one mistake or mis-judgement and I could potentially get seriously injured. Its been 2 days since my last run, and I am itching to get out again.

The plan was a steady 10k, and the route I picked gets plenty of sunlight so I expected it to be mostly ice free, and indeed it was. The worst bit was carefully finding my way out of the housing estate I live on, once out on the main road it was almost completely clear.

The pace was on the slow side again (if I am honest I think I have done my previous longer runs at too fast a pace), I have decided to slow it down a little bit, which means I recover quicker and also means I can run further distances. My main focus at the moment is increasing the distance done each week. The past 4 weeks I am averaging 30-35km per week, and I would like to build that up to somewhere around 50km per week.

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*When someone tells you that what you want to do is impossible, change the word in your head to hard. What you want to do is hard. Hard is doable – it just requires dedicated work and effort and you can make it happen.

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That's good going. The snow is almost gone here, but it's been pretty cold. 50km per week is quite a lot. I am trying to do about 30km over 3 runs. I like to do some shorter runs where I can work on speed, but there is no grand plan to it.


...but there is no grand plan to it.

Same here, just increasing the distance for now and seeing where that takes me.

I could do with fitting in some speedwork at some point, but I think I still need to build up my base fitness first. I'm in no rush :-)



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