Saturday Morning Ride, by
36.31 km
82 minutes
May 3, 2019

Image Courtesy of Suunto

I might need to start doing some climbing cause I wanna get either Australia or New Zealaland onto this list. Both my parents are Italian, so I am partially in the list and may account for my love of hill climbing. Back to Saturdays ride though, and what started as a very foggy morning, and something I have become accustom to in Auckland over the past few years. It means its going to be a pretty calm day so I look forward to it, even though it is a little damp under foot as a result.

My Saturday rides have included a 16km time trial each week and after a negative improvement for my second week, I was able to take 10 seconds of my initial time set and hopefully this is just a start. I was a little down with last weeks time, of course I expect to set a personal best each time I get out on the road.

Time Trials by Week: - Week 1 - 34 Minutes 10 Seconds - Week 2 - 34 Minutes 20 Seconds - Week 3 - 34 Minutes Flat

Hopefully I can start to put a real dent into my times over the Winter.

For more details on my ride, feel free to checkout Strava

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