Fox in the woods... , by @aussieninja
3.8 km
24 minutes
May 4, 2019

Obviously by my heading, I'm not at all talking about my t-shirt, rowr...

Super ecstatic about my time today! Fridays have traditionally been my worst day of the week, given that my legs are usually run down from the week... and the soles of my feet and Achilles were definitely in struggle town. I still had to walk in a couple of spots, especially on my big crazy hill, but I do feel stronger and I do feel my pace increasing. I pretty use the words "the greatest growth is when it's hardest" as a bit of a mantra to get me through the walking times... and of course the Exhaust stats keep pushing me.

The comment that you'll see at the bottom of this post that lists my 5 fastest runs... I now strive to get each run in that top 5. It's stupidly motivating.

What's the most IT way to get a job? Rhetorical question... it's when everyone just assumes you got the job but none one actually tells you.

The hiring manager for that job I interviewed for contacted me and asked if it was okay to send my details through to a recruiter... which I said was fine... and then the recruiter calls and asks a billion questions to fill out visa paperwork... the kind of questions you wouldn't bother with someone you weren't hiring. I've been in the industry for long enough to know that nothing is set until everyone has signed the contract... but, it's definitely promising.

Onto more important news... my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday rehab workouts have been going really well lately... so I thought I'd transition back to the old Ninja Warrior upper body workouts. I only did 3 out of 5 sets... but my elbow wasn't super thrilled with it later that night, and now today it just hasn't been happy at all. I initially wasn't sure if it was bad pain or conditioning pain, but it's been persistent enough that I'll give it a couple of days to calm down, then I'll go back to my rehab workout and slowly add on the Ninja Warrior workout.

This is exactly what I should have done in the first place... but, y'know, enthusiasm...

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We actually have no plans for the first time in a long time, which is super exciting. We'll probs just pretend to be farmers... it's a game we like to play now.

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