Morning Barefoot Running on the Asphalt, by @amico
8.143 km
52 minutes
May 2, 2019

I haven't been running barefoot on asphalt for a while.


Actually, I haven't been running in a while, and stop!


This morning, my running partner also let me do a couple of interval training... just to let me understand how out of shape I am. LOL


I steal the final sentence from my Steem-friend @ervin-lemark:

 Better and batter!

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You have uploaded 4 running activities, and 1 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)! Here are your 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance:

Over these 1 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 8.14 kms at an average pace of roughly 6:27 min/km! Your latest run was at a pace of approximately 6:27min/km! Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too!


I can't see my 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance. @mstafford? ;)


Does not matter how unfitted you are, just gently start running.... @runningproject quote

*Resteemed by @runningproject


Yesterday I missed to act gently... and my heart rate peacks shows it! 😂