Slow and steady 10k, by @dannewton
10.167 km
63 minutes
Feb. 6, 2021

I chose to go out a bit earlier than usual to avoid the heavy rain forecast for later. We were apparently forecast heavy snow tomorrow as well, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. BBC Weather seems to change its mind every 2 minutes... at this rate it'll be easier to just look out of the window, and make my own predictions.

Anyway, it was not raining earlier this morning, so I laced up my trainers and headed out. I am still taking it easy due to over-exerting myself earlier in the week with the Half-marathon run. I ran by feel, trying to assess how well my body was recovering, and generally speaking I felt quite good today. My legs were no way near as tired and lifeless as they felt in the 5k 2 days ago.

Todays route was another lap around the village. I chose to keep the run 'local' so that if at any point during the running session I felt any aches or pains I would just stop and walk the short distance home. Like I say, I felt good today. The niggle in the left hip/hamstring wasn't noticeable and legs had some energy, so I decided to go and run a second 'lap' making a total of 10km. Nice and easy. I also bumped into my parents while on the first 'lap' so it was nice to spend 10-15mins to check in and see how they were doing.

At the 8km mark (while on the second lap) my left hip started to become sore again, so even though I am feeling better, I am evidently not fully recovered yet. That is my allocated 3 runs done for this week, so I have another rest day tomorrow. I have covered over 37km this week, which is my furthest distance yet, and you can see in the image above how much I have increased my weekly distance over the past few weeks. I'm pretty pleased with my progress, and I'll look to keep extending that over the next few weeks.

My next run will be a 'long run' on monday. I tink I will do somewhere between 12-15km, but will make sure my planned route has options to cut it short if I am starting to struggle.

Finally, I'll share the spit times for todays run. Pace was a bit erratic at times as I veered from taking it easy, to overtaking other pedestrians on the path. At some point I hope to start including some speedwork sessions to help improve my speed, but right now my main focus is building up the distance.

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