Recovery run - taking it easy, by @dannewton
5.031 km
33 minutes
Feb. 4, 2021

So after the last run (which was 22.1km) I had taken a few days off to rest/recover. Today the stiffness I had been feeling had gone, so I elected to do a very slow and easy 5km to see how my body was doing.

Verdict? Legs still feel tired, and left hip is still sore.

Not surprising really. The last run was my longest run ever by a considerable margin. But When I consider the aches and pains I had when I finished that one, after todays run most of it has gone. My knees are no longer, my feet don't hurt. Both my calf muscles and hamstrings muscles feel much better.

There is just a twinge in my left hip which feels more like tightness than anything really. I might need to look into doing some different stretches to help that. The other thing is aa feeling of general tiredness in the legs which is understandable.

Todays run was a gentle lap around the village, the pace was really slow (average at 6:30/km) but the aim was just to get out and get moving. My next run will be on Saturday, and again I'll take it slow and see how I feel. Good news is that I have just 2 more work shifts (today and tomorrow) and then I have 8 days off to look forward too!

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You will need some recovery time, but I also think it can be good to get out there again so you don't seize up. Well done.