Morning Run In The Rain, by
12.135 km
53 minutes
April 27, 2019

Actually not too bad a day for running.

It took a lot to get me out the door at 8am, especially because it was almost 9am by the time I left the house. It had been lightly raining but was still mild and not too cold. As with my Sunday "longer" run, I am using this as my tempo run for the week and trying to get into the pace that I will need for my marathon in July. 4 minutes 30 seconds per kilometer seem so far away from where I am at the moment. Yes, I am hitting those numbers but it is only over 12 kilometers, and feel like I am about to die by the end of it.(Even early on)

I am hoping it is just a part of having a long training week and that I am deliberately not warming up before I get out on this run. Guess we will see soon enough as there is only 10 weeks to go until we race.

Off to Sydney for work this week, so not sure if you will hear much from me as I will most likely be stuck in hotel gyms for workouts.

For more details about my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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