2019 Victoria Times Colonist 10k, by @mstafford
10.116 km
61 minutes
April 28, 2019


What a struggle. I was feeling pretty good about this run leading up to last week, but then we went on vacation and everything fell apart.

We were exposed to the plague.

We rolled into town on Friday last week, and it all started to unravel. Of the 11 people that we met over the week-long vacation, 10 of them came down with the flu. One at a time. I was last. Thursday night had me vomitting and sweating out every last drop of water from my body for about 7 hours straight. Friday was a wobbly recovery day, and I barely had the energy the walk up the stairs without taking a break. Saturday, we travelled back to the island -- driving through surprisingly snowwy mountain passes, only to find out that our ferry to the island was delayed by 90 minutes. We got home at about 9pm, had a bowl of chilli, and went to bed.

That was yesterday. This morning was the race. Woke up feeling pretty much back to normal, but with a pretty seriously case of dry-mouth. Went for a trip to the bathroom, and my urine was about as dark as orange-juice -- not a good sign.

Regardless -- you can't plan around getting sick randomly. The weather was beautiful today, and the energy was great. Everyone from work came out to join in, which was really nice too. Despite being pretty dehydrated -- I managed to reign things in (with NUMEROUS walking breaks in the last half as I tried to keep moving) at just over an hour.

So far for April:

Another great reminder that it's about the journey and training, and not really about race-day.

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