Long slow run to end the week, by @dannewton
12.837 km
75 minutes
Jan. 31, 2021

Its been a long old week, plenty of overtime (some of which was helping out at another store) and I'm pretty tired to be honest. While it will be worth it for the bumper paycheck (50+ hours spread over 7 days), I am really looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

The weekly planner thing (pictured) has helped me to keep track of when I am running, and it is useful to plan out the week ahead. The result is I am more likely to complete all the training/exercise sessions. I did manage to slot in 3 runs this week for a total of 26km which is reasonable considering the lack of time etc.

Todays day run was scheduled to be a long and slow 10km. Once again I chose the 'out and back' route to Waddington and Harmston. My other (preferred) route is still flooded in places). My last run I had complained of tiredness in the legs, but today I felt much better so I decided to do an extra 2.5km extra at the end. The pace was a little quicker than usual, averaging 5:50min/km but I felt comfortable for the entire session.

Straight after I got home, I showered and changed and headed back out to complete the last shift for the week. I'm gonna have a well deserved rest tomorrow, no work or running or anything, and then I am due to do another longish run on Tuesday. The actual length of Tuesdays run will depend entirely on how my body feels, so I guess I'll find out then!

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