Saturday Cycling, by
38.067 km
90 minutes
April 26, 2019

Another great day out on the road. A little windy today but I should be used to that riding around Auckland.

My Saturday 16km time trial didn't go as well as I had hoped with a 34 minutes and 10 seconds this week, which was almost 30 seconds slower than last week. It's not that I expected to improve every week I got out on the road...actually no, I expected to improve every time I got out on the road. I usually notice that when ever I plateau in something, I will stay there for a few weeks and then make a big jump in performance when I least expect it.

A great day out riding though and glad the weather has not completely turned even though we are heading in to May very soon.

For more details on my ride, feel free to checkout Strava

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You have uploaded 24 cycling activities, and 5 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)! Here are your 5-fastest cycling activities of a similar distance:

  • Saturday Cycling - 38.067km @ 2:22 min/km pace.
  • Saturday Tempo Ride - 37.573km @ 2:26 min/km pace.
  • Windy Sunday Morning Ride - 41.459km @ 2:27 min/km pace.
  • Saturday Cycling - 36.255km @ 2:28 min/km pace.
  • Introducing the Cookie Monster Cycling Team - 41.433km @ 2:44 min/km pace.

Over these 5 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 194.79 kms at an average pace of roughly 2:29 min/km!

Looks like you went a bit faster than usual this time! Nice work!


It's always satisfying to improve, but it just gets harder. Hope you enjoy your rides anyway


I'm interested in exhaust but not sure the best way to track and add activities. I'll want an efficient way because I don't have a lot of time I can commit to additional posting. Do you have advice? I haven't been using it much but do have Strava on my phone.

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