Short and fast, by @dannewton
6.024 km
30 minutes
Jan. 26, 2021

I have a busy week of work ahead of me (7 days in a row), and my shifts as a supervisor in a small convenience store are generally very busy. Lots of time spent walking back and forth putting out stock and serving customers. Because of that, I am going to cut back on the running mileage this week.

However, just because I am lowering the distances, doesn't mean I will take it easy!

Todays run was only 6km, and I chose to run it at a consistently higher pace, to see how I would do. Just before lunch I set out from the front door at a determined pace. Any lingering ice from earlier this morning had melted away, and I was able to focus on pushing harder than usual. The first km was apparently at 5:36/km pace, I didn't know this as I get no feedback from strava during the run, only after it has finished.

I tried to maintain that level of intensity throughout the run, and while I felt like I was starting to struggle during the 3rd and 4th km, I tried my best to keep it up (especially as I knew that as time passed I was getting closer to home and to finishing.

It was only after checking strava afterwards did I realise how wrong I had been with my pacing. Unbeknownst to me, I had actually been steadily increase my pace each km so that for the final one I ran in 4:48/km.

Considering that most of my rans are done around 6:00/km, I'm pretty happy with that. Of course making a determined effort to run faster than usual, resulted in me breaking most of my 'distance' PBs including running 5Km in 25:09.

technically my 5km PB is 23:01 but that was so long ago (over 15 years) that I don't count it anymore. It is nice to think that returning to that level is actually quite possible

All in all, I'm quite pleased with this run, and shows there's still a decent runner in me somewhere. I'll take a day off tomorrow, and then Thursdays run will be another short-ish run of 5-7km. I'll try to take that one a bit easier!

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