A very frosty 10km, by @dannewton
10.141 km
62 minutes
Jan. 24, 2021

Another slow 10k run to finish off the week. The weather was pretty chilly at -2C and I even resorted to putting a hat and gloves on (still wearing just shorts and tshirt). Not only was it cold (the windchill meant it apparently felt like -5C), but it was also very icy in places. It was only meant to be a slow run anyway, but the potential risk of slipping on unseen ice forced me to keep it slow.

My usual route on the bypass is still flooded in places, so I chose a different area to run this time, and the run itself felt relaxed and comfortable. which takes me up to 31km in total. I will be aiming to do the same next week, maybe splitting one of the 10k's into two 5k runs, but that is all dependant on work. I am working the next 7 days, so i'm gonna be feeling pretty tired by the end of it and if I need to miss a run then so be it.

I have entered a challenge on the strava app to run 100km in January. I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it, but it has turned out to be easier than I expected. I had planned to be able to complete it with this mornings run, but annoyingly I didnt estimate the distance of the todays run correctly. By the time I had stretched off and taken my shoes off, I realised I was 0.4km short!

Really frustrating!

I have 7 days (to the end of January) to complete it, so I'll definitely get it done on my next run, buts it's still really annoying.

On that dissapointing note I'll finish this report thing. Remember, there is a Hive Running group on the strava app if you want to join us. The more the merrier etc...

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Sounds a lot like my run today. Got to take care when it's icy. It does feel sort of fresh though. I like that crunch of frost underfoot.

The Strava challenges add a little extra fun. Some have prizes, but I'm not too bothered about those.



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