A pleasant 10k, but surprisingly muddy!, by @dannewton
10.458 km
64 minutes
Jan. 22, 2021

water water everywhere...

It's been a couple of days since the rain, but the path is still flooded. Instead of running through it I tried running on the mud around it. No soggy feet this time but my shoes are filthy!

Other than that, the run itself was nice and pleasant. My total for the month so far is 89.5km, so I have 8 days to run 10k and a bit to take that to my January goal of running over 100km in the month. I should hopefully do that on my next run on Sunday.

Run done, of for a shower now and then straight out to work. Fun times ;-)

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Enjoy a !BEER in the meantime...

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I've had to run around a few puddles as well as people. Have to watch out when the mud can be slippery. Seem the underpass near here was flooded yesterday. I will have a look on my long run tomorrow. That will take me over 100km for the year so far.


Its really annoying to have to keep dodging other people, sometimes the paths are narrow so I have to run on the grass verge, or even onto the road itself. Some walkers are friendly and pay attention, and others glare at you for daring to be active.

I see you have completed the 100k now. I misjudged my distance and didn't realise until it was too late (shoes off and sat on the sofa) that I am only at 99.6km...


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.


I've finally managed to get off my arse and head out a few times in the last few weeks. My word my fitness (well what little I had) has gone.

Your photo reminds me of when I used to jog along the Thames from Egham to Old Windsor during my lunch breaks. The Thames would often break its banks this time of year and I'd have to tread very carefully in places!


Good to see you are getting back outside and moving again. That fitness will come back dude, just gotta keep going!

The Thames would often break its banks this time of year

That would be annoying to deal with all the time. Earlier in the week I ran through ot and my shoes were wet through. On the next attempt I chose the wet and sticky mud on the edge and I got caked in mud. Todays run I chose a different route altogether, not worth the hassle!