Blowing a gale!, by @dannewton
10.409 km
61 minutes
Jan. 20, 2021

TLDR - I've decided I don't like strong winds during a run, not a pleasant experience!

Todays run was the first after the 15km I did 3 days ago. Although I was well rested and ready to head out for my next run. The weather forecast for today was for heavy prolonged rain across the whole of the UK, although when I woke up this morning, it didn't look too bad here in Lincoln, and we appeared to have missed the worst of it.

With only light rain falling and the promise of strong winds in the afternoon, I made an effort to go out while there seemed to be a break in the storm. Once again I headed out onto the bypass mostly because the path is new and smooth.

The picture shows the extent of the rain, we seem to have had more overnight than I realised, but this was the only place where the path had flooded. I took one step on the mud to one side to avoid it and nearly lost a shoe getting stuck, so I ran through the water instead!

The run was meant to be an easier run due to the previous long run, but I didn't actually feel that tired. Legs weren't sore, I was full of energy and pace was good. That all lead to a false sense of security I guess, as I pushed a little bit harder than I should have. It was an 'out and back route' and the first half is a very gentle downward slope, so I knew it would be a bit harder on the way back.

It was only when I got to the halfway point and turned round to head home that I encountered a VERY strong headwind, that I realised that my earlier 'good pace' was mostly down to a very strong tailwind. You can see the clear difference in the pacing. First half I averaged approx 5:30/km and the second half was nearer 6:30/km.

It was really hard work, not just with the strong and blustery headwind, but with the rain blowing in my face and going uphill for most of it. Not fun. I'm glad I did it, because I need to keep the training consistent (3 sessions per week), and after the previous run I needed to stretch my legs, but in future I will keep an eye on the weather forecast, as running in strong winds was hard flippin' work!

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