Puma And Max On Morning Walk, by @ervin-lemark
1.674 km
28 minutes
April 20, 2019

Saturday morning, the start of a long weekend. I liket he Easter Monday. It is always on Monday which means a day off work which means three days long weekend. Yes!

We started it early, with a 6am morning walk with these two pals. Puma and Max, it is so difficult to get you two in one photo without blurs. You move constantly. I love you.

In the forest we met and heard: - two deer chasing each other; Puma wanted to join in the case so much I had to yell at the top of my lungs to hold her back - lots of blackbirds at the ground, looking for food, - woodpecker doing its stuff, knocking at the tree trunk, - the singing of myriad of birds.

Amazing how the forest is already alive at this early hour.

Now to the rest of the weekend - running, walking, packing, traveling, skiing, walking, running, maybe some eating and sleeping too :)

Better and better

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