Running Before A Long Weekend, by
5.312 km
32 minutes
April 18, 2019

My run had nothing to do with was just a nice picture of them.

It's the day before a long weekend and it usually takes a little motivation on my part to get out the door when I am at work. I did it though and it was a sunny and calm Autumn day in Auckland and was a perfect day for an easy run...with a HIIT session at the end. I try to do this at least once a week where I can do some hill repeats and then some body weight exercises at the end of an easier 4km run.

Let the long weekend commence and hopefully this great weather holds out over the next few days as well.

If you are living in a country that has time off, have a great time, if not, I still hope you have a great time.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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