Recovery Run: Exploring a new route, by @dannewton
6.329 km
38 minutes
Jan. 12, 2021

After completing a 13km run a couple of days ago, and with my legs still feeling a bit tired/stiff today, I chose to just do a short run today. It was also an opportunity to go check out the new section of the Lincoln Bypass (which now joins to the road a hundred yards or so from my house.

The extension of the Bypass has been considered something of a joke by the locals. The project was finally finished in December last year, and has taken nearly 20 years to finally finish after the initial plans were announced

Nevermind, better late than never eh?

The aim of the bypass (like any other) is to improve traffic flow around the city, and reduce congestion inside it. What I didn't realise, is that along the 7.5km section of new road, there was also a footpath/cycle path built alongside it. I had noticed that several people had started running/cycling up and down the stretch on the strava app so this morning I decided to have a meander up and check it out for myself.

Verdict? Its a nice enough path (as paths go I guess), the surface is smooth, and most importantly it is nice and wide so I can pass other people easily. There is still mud everywhere, but that won't be for much longer. Most of the path is set back from the main road which means less chance of breathing in pollution. I'll definitely will be using it as a place to run in future as a change of scenery to my normal run, especially as running the same route everyday becomes boring very quickly.

The run itself was only an easy recovery run (I paid no attention to pace) and I enjoyed exploring a new area in the bright sunshine. After feeling tired yesterday, I am definitely feeling better after this short run.

I'll have a rest day tomorrow and then on Thursday I'll come back and run further along it, possibly up to 10km.

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Impressive work. Thank you for sharing. If I thought about running 13 km I'd probably pass out.


I love to explore new routes and running feels much easier if you break the usual pattern! Great to hear you are feeling better after this run - short easy runs are always the best for recovering. Have a !BEER to recover even faster ;)

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