Long Run Back to the Hills!!!, by @toofasteddie
17.02 km
89 minutes
Jan. 10, 2021

Today it is very cold and it has been raining for 2 days without stopping although I expected it to snow since half of the country is collapsed under the snow. I have dressed in a good thermal shirt and a raincoat plus my hat, gloves and thick socks and I have gone to run the Long Run of the week. I have planned to go to the nearby mountains from home, running, and that is what I have done despite the bad weather and low temperatures. I enjoyed myself like crazy and my legs have behaved well even though I have climbed about 430 m in less than 4 km. The views at the peak of the mountain were impressive and the clean air has decongested my punished lungs that have been subjected for a long time to the environmental pollution of the city. In the end, 17 km run on different pavements, all of them slippery and muddy but I love getting wet when I'm running and if there is mud, much better! Keep on running!

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Wow, great speed for that distance combined with the elevation! Have a !BEER for recovering faster


Thanks, I did my best pressing the speed pedal while downhill because it was cold I was late for lunch ;-)


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If I run that fast for anything longer than 5k, I'd literally die


That's a good idea, try to do shorter sometimes but faster, you will increase your average pace for the longer runs