Vancouver Sun Run (10k) - 2019, by @mstafford
10.208 km
57 minutes
April 14, 2019

This morning I participated in the 10k race for the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run, which I believe is Canada's largest 10k event. This year, around 41,000 participants. It was less sunny this year, compared to the previous two that I've ran -- but it was actually a really nice temperature (except for the surprise hail-storm that started just after I crossed the finish line).

All in all, felt pretty good about the effort. Took a couple of moments to walk because I was a little bit hung-over this morning (it's NHL playoff season, and I'm enjoying the games) and needed to work out a side-cramp just before right around 4~5km in I think. After that, I tried to maintain a pretty steady pace, and took a couple walk breaks because it looked like I was a bit further ahead than I was.

Pretty sure if I eat well (no more beer and other garbage) and ramp up a bit more mileage, I might have a shot of running a sub-50' 10k for Times Colonist 10k in about 2 weeks time.

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