A sunny 10k, by @dannewton
10.097 km
59 minutes
Jan. 6, 2021

The cold weather shows no sign of changing so it was another chilly run today. There had apparently been a chance of snow overnight but no luck yet (I flippin' love the snow!). Instead, mostly clear skies resulted in bright and sunny conditions. So sunny in fact that I may need to invest in some sunglasses at some point!

My run today was another 10k, and with regards to pacing I had no targets to aim for, at this point in training I am just looking to get used to the distance. Again it is the simple 'out and back route'. The direction for the first half is towards the South, and at this time of year the sun is low in the sky and right in front of me. 30 minutes of being blinded by the sun wasn't fun, and it was a relief to get to the halfway point to turn round and come back, this time with the sun behind me. Sunglasses would help but as I wear glasses I'm gonna need to invest in some prescription sunglasses, which aren't cheap!

As it turns out I managed to complete the 10k in under an hour - 59:08 to be precise which is good to see, especially as I wasn't aiming to do it. And once again I am finishing the run strongly as you can see from the split times for each km

In the Last Post I smashed lots of 'personal bests' for various distances and for various segments of the run. I didnt expect to get many 'achievements this time around, but it turns out I got loads (see pic below).

This time it is slightly misleading though. It was only the 'second' time that I have run this route, and as I ran the route 2 minutes faster than the last time, every single segment was run 3 or 4 seconds faster.

At this relatively early point in my training, it appears that every run is 'record breaking'. I know that cannot continue, and over time it will be harder keep improving.

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