A frosty run, by @dannewton
5.624 km
33 minutes
Dec. 30, 2020

A very frosty morning today, even the mushrooms had frost on them. There were patches of ice about but they were easy to spot. The bigger problem was some of the tarmac paths which were still in the shade from the sun, these were still slippy in places. It wasn't a relaxing run as I was constantly watching and assessing the route I was taking.

It was also a slow easy one today, after 2 days of feeling ill. Just a snotty cold, nothing to worry about (my partner had the same thing 3 days ago and she is already better). I also felt much better this morning. Less achy, less snotty and more energy.

I chose to keep it simple with small loop today, this meant at any point I could just end the run and walk home if the conditions became more hazardous, or if I felt unwell. The first loop was run quite slowly, but the second loop I picked up the pace a little as I was more confident with the conditions.

Now for a quick shower before work, and then I can look forwards to two days of from work (new years eve AND new years day), as a reward for working all of xmas. I'm really looking forward for 2 days off in a row, and my next run will be a long one on new years day to start 2021 of on the right track!

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Enjoy a !BEER in the meantime...

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I was surprised how slippy it was out there today. I've not been running but have been taking the dog for a good 4 miler in the mornings. My waling boots were no match for the pavements this morning and I'm sure I heard the dog chuckle as I slipped for the 17th time.

Enjoy your time off - it sounds well deserved.


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.