Rain running... across the universe., by @aussieninja
3.8 km
24 minutes
April 5, 2019

I am super mega happy with my time... and I honestly think the rain was a huge factor in that... it kept me cool man.

Fridays are usually trash for running for me. The legs are usually done and so it's more of an exercise in mental endurance and leg conditioning... but I think I beat my Wednesday's time by a minute, which is just huge. I'm honestly stoked!

It wasn't easy... I really wanted to walk on that last hill, but I'm at that stage now where I can push myself and my lungs. It's not a natural push for me at all, I'm way more of a sprinter... I love the fast action-packed but super quick activities... indoor soccer was just the best for me... but I really need to work on my endurance. I think I've mentioned before, but most failures in obstacle course races are balance, and then endurance. People fall on obstacles they can normal do all the time in competitions, because they're wreaked.

When I'm running, all I want to be doing is not running... and that's where the huge mental game is. I think that's what the really good runners enjoy. For me sprinting is absolutely enjoyable, especially if there is a competitive element to it. I love bootcamps for exactly this reason... I push myself so much harder when there is someone to run down... but that slow torturous jog... that's where the real mind games are.

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Over these 42 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 159.80 kms at an average pace of roughly 6:56 min/km!

Looks like you went a bit faster than usual this time! Nice work!


Love it and what are you doing Sunday?

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Ugh! Sorry for being such a slow responder guy. I'm still not sure what my deal is today. My wife went out with friends yesterday and stayed over and has our only car... while I'm in the forest catching mice and being manly. No idea when she'll be back, hopefully soon.

Any chance you'll be in Austin for the Global Block Builders thing? I'm flying on Tuesday.


It rained (a bit) here today. Wet season is coming! I love running when I'm running. Until I've had enough. Then I don't love it so much.


Hahaha, isn't that true of most things. If you were an animal, would you be a cat? We had a furry little guy who would love to be patted... until he didn't... and then we'd know all about it.


Oh... I love long mind games and endurance stuff, but just not in form of running - its a killer for me... And yes competition is the best motivator, as much as I try not to compare and compete - whenver I have some chance I just ENJOY it, guess it is another primal thing. Indoor soccer is crazy stuff, high action packed, I miss it so much.

Cheers! :)


Ha. I totally get that man! I feel like I was almost unstoppable during bootcamps... I'd push myself so hard to either beat my friends or some random dude I'd never met before... but when it comes to random running by myself... the mental endurance just isn't quite there.

I almost need to go the opposite way and think of anything else to distract myself.

So, I'm not sure about Parramatta, but in Melbourne literally every single high school gym would have indoor soccer games in them run by various guys. You should totally look into it, you might find some indoor soccer/futsal leagues really close to you.

For me, there is only one center, that's over an hour away from me... it's rough. I was so spoilt in Melbourne.


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