Run, Report, Repeat, by @ervin-lemark
7.422 km
40 minutes
April 3, 2019

And exhaust yourself while doing this day in day out - not!

You can think - is it boring to repeat the same ol' stuff every day? No, it isn't! It is always fun doing the thing you love. Even when you do it every day. That's why you are doing it. Because you love doing it. Get it?

OK, enough of philosophy. Back to today's run. As on Monday, I've had an afternoon time window in Domžale to do a quick and flat run. It was quicker than Monday, 5:26 pace. It's interesting that all three of April's runs were quite similar in the distance - 7+ kilometers. What will @exhaust bot have to say about this?

Photos and images

  1. when picking up my son at the music school I got a glass of water. I looked deep into it and saw ...
  2. consistency is the key
  3. the map of today's run; no, it wasn't rainy

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You have uploaded 74 running activities, and 10 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)! Here are your 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance:

  • 6 tempo laps on track - 6.936km @ 5:25 min/km pace.
  • Run, Report, Repeat - 7.422km @ 5:25 min/km pace.
  • 6+1+1 Equinox Full Moon Exhaust Run - 6.859km @ 5:26 min/km pace.
  • Magpie's Valley Run - 6.741km @ 5:49 min/km pace.
  • Monday Evening Run With Amazfit Export Issue - 8.013km @ 5:50 min/km pace.

Over these 10 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 72.06 kms at an average pace of roughly 5:52 min/km!

Looks like you went a bit faster than usual this time! Nice work!


Nice work! And that IKEA glass has you figured out ;)

Gonna have to rejig a couple things with the site so your link to the steem-alliance post works.

Cheers! Stoked to see that you're still runnin' daily!


I tend to use relative URLs for in-platform links so readers can open them in the frontend they are using...

Consistency is the key :) At least for some things in life ...


Good. I appreciate your work. All the best.


Does not matter how unfitted you are, just gently start running.... @runningproject quote

*Resteemed by @runningproject