A (slightly) longer run, by @dannewton
6.06 km
37 minutes
Dec. 18, 2020

This is the start of building a longer run. As the weeks progress I will be making one run per week a little bit longer each time. 2 Runs a week will be approx. 5km, and then for the 3rd run I will lowly increase up to 10km.

As the main focus on this run was distance (instead of time) I chose a simple 'out and back' route. I looked up where 3km would take me via Google Maps, and it turned out to be on the main Crossroad in the nearby village. There and back would then be 6km in total. Simple eh?

As for the weather, it was grey. Not cold, not wet, just a grey winter day with a significant southerly wind. The first half of the run I ran into the wind the whole way, and for the second half it followed me the whole way. I think that is fairly obvious in the segment times.

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Well done 👍


Thank you!

I'm a long way from attempting 20k like you managed earlier today, but its a start :-)

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