A nice day for a nice run, by @dannewton
5.147 km
31 minutes
Dec. 15, 2020

I hadn't planned to run today, but the first bit of sunshine and blue skies for a couple of days tempted me outside.

[by the way, I'm not a fan of the way my phone creates these images, the colours are really oversaturated, to the point of spoiling the photo, but I digress...]

The conditions were perfect for me running-wise. Cool, with a fresh breeze and nice and bright as well. I have run the last two days so today was meant to be a rest day but with the sun shinning I couldn't resist!

The route I picked today was a circular route round the village, I wanted to see how long it would take me to do a lap (and at the same time, find out how long it was in km). It turns out that at just over 5K it takes me approximately 30 minutes to complete at a easy, steady pace. I will probably start using this as a basic route.

I can do 2 of these per week, and then the 3rd run I can start making a long run. Eventually that will be 10km, but it will take me awhile to build up to that distance, as I don't want to do to much to soon (leading to injury and frustration). To be honest I am pushing my luck in the last few days, so I will rest the next 2 days (I promise!) and then I'll head back out on Friday.

In other news I visited my local-ish gym. Its based in the next village, and is small which is great as that means it is quiet. I trained there briefly at the start of this year, until injury and coronavirus put a stop to that. I spoke with the gym owner today, and I plan to start back on the 1st January (new year, new me!)

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This can be a good time of year for running as you don't want it too warm. A 5km lap is ideal as a good workout. I hope you will see good progress. Just have to keep going through the winter.


Yep, definitely prefer the cooler weather, I have a tendency to overheat (hence the reason I still wear shorts in Winter).

And yes, I am highly motivated at the moment with regards to running. I know that won't last, so hopefully by the time the motivation fades I will have made regular running a habit.