Afternoon Walk With Puma On Savski prod, by @ervin-lemark
2.516 km
42 minutes
March 31, 2019

Savski prod is the flat area between river Sava and the commercial zone in Črnuče. Once this was the area where the river was able to flood the excess water mass when needed. Now, with river bank and water flow regulation and everything, this area is turning into a recreational and gardening area. Which is good.

Puma and I went for a walk here after a long time. It was maybe in autumn that we were here last.

So, what's new? you might ask...

Outdoor fitness equipment is new. There are several stations with wooden devices and a connecting path. Congratulations to the authorities for putting up the equipment.

Look at the photos. Fancy isn't it. No, I didn't try them out. Too lazy :)

Better and better

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  • Afternoon Walk With Puma On Savski prod - 2.516km @ 16:59 min/km pace.

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Hi @ervin-lemark,

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