Sunday Early Morning Doggy Walk, One Hour Too Earl, by @ervin-lemark
1.745 km
33 minutes
March 31, 2019

Truth be told, it's way too early to walk the dogs before 6am on Sunday morning.

This DST nonsense and moving the clock forth and losing one hour of precious sleep, couples with a family schedule for today. We woke up at 5:30 real time, waaaaay too soon.

Even the birds in the woods were quieter at this hour. We only met one perplexed rabbit apart from a usual lot of blackbirds poking around on the ground.

Check out Puma's face expression. Whaaaat? Whyyy?

Eh, we are here now. Ready to seize the day. The last in March. The last in the first quarter of the year. How time flies ...

Ps: this is the fourth @exhasut post in two days. Two more will come before the day ends.

Better and better

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