Saturday Midday Doggy Walk, by @ervin-lemark
2.258 km
35 minutes
March 30, 2019

This weekend I intend to flood the @exhaust with running and walking reports. Let's call it a stress test.

The second report today is also the second doggy walk. After I returned home from the run I took Puma and Max for a semi-long walk in the woods. They were so happy to see me and went spinning around each other for a minute before they calmed down enough for me to be able to put their leashes on.

The walk itself was very pleasant. We only met one other dog, a friendly one. I kept the pace easy. I do feel the knees telling me that there were a climb and a downhill or two on the menu this morning.

Will the cover photo, a gif animation, be displayed correctly? It's Max, scratching its back the best way he can.

On the second photo, Puma is waiting for me while I am taking some photos.

The third image shows the path traveled.

Better and better

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