5k run (2nd attempt), by @dannewton
5.584 km
34 minutes
Dec. 7, 2020

On the Strava app there are some 'challenges' to help motivate you. Some are linked to time spent doing an activity and others are linked to distance travelled. Some of the Challenges are comparitivly easy and others are much harder such as the '300km Distance Run. I chose to enter the December 5k run challenge (fairly self explanatory, run at least 5k in a single run in December).

I decided to attempt it this morning. Upon opening the curtains I was greeted with a wall of fog. Not a problem, I put on a fluorescent green running top (so traffic could see me better) along with shorts and some snazzy shoes and headed outside. I took that first picture for this run report thing, took one step forwards and nearly slipped over! It turned out to be Freezing Fog, which had had left sheet ice over all the paths.

"Bugger this!" I muttered, and went straight back inside. Going out for just a walk would risk potential injury, let alone trying to run. Not worth the hassle.

Later on in the afternoon, the fog finally lifted and some weak sunshine had melted the treacherous ice. Second, sunnier picture was taken and I set of at a sensible pace. It had been awhile since I had attempted the 5km distance (I am awfully out of practice you know) so I made sure I took it relatively easy. Checking out my previous strava runs I estimated that 2 full laps of the block would be enough to cover the 5km needed to complete the challenge. The run itself was uneventful and dare I say it, relaxing. It is the furthest I have ran in awhile, and it felt good to be honest.

The Run was slow at approx 34 minutes, but the main thing at this point is to get back into some sort of routine. Speed will come with time...

I have noticed there is a very small niggle on my right shin. It only seems to be on the right side, and only when I point my toes, so it is just something to be aware of for the next run.

Note to self: Take it easy! Too often have I overdone it and done too much exercising too soon. It only ever leads to injury and disappointment

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I recently finished my 5k for Dec on Strava as well. Your pacing is great and at least for me that was the toughest part about getting into running. I would normally start out of the gate like a hero and be completely unable to maintain the pace i set at the start. These days I am aiming to maintain around a 6km pace on a 10k, which is the next logical step for you as well in the Strava challenges. Well done.


Cheers dude. And yes its so easy to get carried away at the start of the run. I always try to run something called a 'negative split' which is the idea that the 2nd half of the run is a little bit faster than the first half. This means I am happy to start 'slower' as I am usually able to finish strongly.

I am currently consolidating and getting used to the 5km distance, but yes the 10k is the next target :-)



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