🏃 My Running Log | 28/03 | Fartlek 11.5km, by @harryp3
11.921 km
53 minutes
March 28, 2019

I'll start by saying that I'm not feeling 100% at the moment, hence why it's taken until Thursday for my first run of the week.

I made sure to make up for it and made it a longer, more intense effort. Around 7 miles of 'Fartlekking', and like one of my runs last week, going pretty much full gas up all of the hills. Despite feeling a little ill (and really struggling with the rhythm of my breathing as a result), I managed to absolutely smash some segments: 8th on 'Marston Mountain' and 3rd fastest this year, which is a 300m-long segment averaging 6% that peaks at 11%. I'm also now 7th on 'Church Hill' which is a little longer at just over 400m, and less steep with an average gradient of 2%, peaking at 11.2% - I've also noticed I was 4 seconds quicker than Emma Pooley, who is an ex-World Champion at both Duathlon and Cycling, and has over 10 Olympic, World & Commonwealth medals to her name across all of her disciplines; I'd like to think that it's some feat!

In terms of the overall run, the weather was absolutely beautiful and even though I was ill it was pure joy to be outside. I decided to do a loop of 8 whereby I'd run out and down Unthank Road, up Church Hill and down past the Marston Marshes, up onto the ring road, and back down Newmarket Road to close the loop, before finishing up Bluebell Road. A nice route, and it made the miles fly by!

In terms of my next runs, I'm going to give myself a rest tomorrow since I feel like crap and pick it up again on Saturday at Parkrun. I'll then run 14-15km on Sunday at race pace to give me some condition before a taper week next week and the City of Norwich Half Marathon next Sunday! I am absolutely buzzing - I've never been fitter, and my training is doing wonders.

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