Municipality Route (Rifugio Città di Massa, Pian della Fioba locality), by @davidesimoncini
51.138 km
157 minutes
Nov. 29, 2020

Hello Dears! Today in the morning I started a new bike ride, this time choosing a long climb: the Road to Rifugio Città di Massa, in the Pian della Fioba locality. I reached in the first San Carlo Terme, with a medium-easy climb. Then I continued the road passing by Pariana and Altagnana, starting the new climb before the town of Antona. After several kilometers, I finally reached the place. I also took some shots with my smartphone, maybe I will publish a separate post to show you them. During the activity I saw my old Sportive President and another little group of cyclists, with the required distance, obviously. I came back home passing by the fountain in Turano, and my grandmother to greet her. To the next ride, dears!

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