Evening Run With Under Armour, by @run.vince.run
8.564 km
44 minutes
Nov. 26, 2020

Its Thursday night and every now and then if the stars align we make our way to the Under Armour shop near the city where every Thursday they have run club.

It's usually only a five or six kilometer run but the run is usually at a faster pace than what we are usually training at. Some of the people running with the group are professional triathletes and runners, so an easy pace for the night will usually have us under five minutes per kilometer. It's a nice challenge to try and keep up with them though. But maybe not every Thursday.

Stay Strong Everyone!

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Good run, congrats. Do you have to wear Under Armor gear? :)

@tipu curate


No, I think it is more for Under Armor to try and sell is some gear...It looks nice, but can't afford it.


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