From Rogla To Lovrenc Lakes With Puma, by @ervin-lemark
4.43 km
60 minutes
March 24, 2019

Beautiful late winter Sunday morning. Puma invited me on a walk from Rogla to the Lovrenc Lakes (Lovrenška jezera).

The trail that we took was covered with snow most of the time. It was so refreshing to walk in the spring temperatures in the shade of the tall spruces and on the melting snow. OK, an occasional muddy patch was there too. Yet, the walk itself was pure poetry.

Subtitles to the images: 1. Lovrenc Lakes, our destination, is a marshy plain with lakes actually hidden in the bush. 1. The tower at the end of our path is erected so the visitors are able to see the entire area. 1. Puma was having great fun. She loves to sprint on the snow, have a bite at it, then sprints again.

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