🏃 My Running Log | Sunday Long-Run | 24/03, by @harryp3
20.274 km
98 minutes
March 24, 2019

Today's longer run did not go to plan in the slightest...

I'll start with the positives though. The weather was beautiful, I headed out at just gone 8am and the sun was already shining bright - there were dozens of other runners, and I think I counted about 17 (although I'm not sure if some of those I'd seen twice at different points, could well have done if I'm honest). I also perfected my gel strategy for the City of Norwich Half Marathon in 2 weeks time - I'm going to take one 20-30 minutes before the start, one at 7km, and then one between 12-14km depending whether I feel good or not. The route I chose was also hillier than the actual event, so that was definitely good practice!

Onto the negatives. Yesterday evening I started feeling a little ill, and I was hoping it would go away by the morning but I was still suffering - I woke up with a nasty headache, and felt really drained. I couldn't manage much to eat for breakfast, and ultimately in the latter stages of this run I had absolutely nothing left (I'd never felt a sensation like it!), I decided after a really long breather at 18km and really painful running until 20km that I'd just cut the effort short. To top it off, my legs were REALLY fatigued from all the running I've done this week and my Parkrun PB yesterday - I've had one of the highest weekly mileages ever (except from when I've done events), with a total of 50km. After just 2-3km I was thinking to myself, I don't think my legs are going to be able to cope the full 21km, and I'm a little amazed I didn't give up before 20km.

A little knock in my progression towards that 1:35 Half Marathon goal, but I remain confident I'm capable of it. In fact, I'm a little glad this run didn't go really, really well, otherwise I'd have given myself the mindset that the actual event is going to be easy.

This coming week I'll be doing some more targeted efforts - hill repeats definitely, and potentially some intervals as well. Then the next (and final) week will be my taper week, and I'll just look to keep my legs moving (whether that be running, cycling or just walking) but not exerting my body in the slightest.

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