4K Forest Hills Loop, by @ervin-lemark
4.583 km
30 minutes
March 21, 2019

The run was a test of a short, 4 kilometers long loop, nearest to the entry of our local forest. The idea was to check the track and see how to expand it.

The final idea, still in making, is to run this loop 10 times and thus complete a proper mountain marathon. A bit boring, I admit. Yet this would be an exercise for the body and mind. Carried out some time at the beginning of June as a preparation for the official events in June and July.

What do you say? Will you accompany me then? It doesn't have to be a full marathon nor a hilly run. It is enough that you are active and do your best.

Technical data

Lenght of the loop - around 4.1 K Total climb - 144 meters Loop times ten - 41 K Climb times ten - 1.44 kilometers in vertical

Next step

My first goal, an event in June, is 42 K long with 2800 meters of climb. There are at least three possibilities to take steep shortcuts on the loop and thus make some more climbing meters. I will keep you posted about this particular idea.

In the meantime, stay active. You can do that with the help of @actifit, @runningproject and @exhaust.

We are here to help each other!

The cover image shows that parts of the track are blocked with fallen trees and branches. Obstacle course :)

Better and better

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