Afternoon Ride, by @wwwiebe
15.221 km
44 minutes
Nov. 6, 2020

According to Strava, it has been two months to the day since I last got on my bike, and did it ever show. Two months not only of not riding, but of less exercise than normal and poor eating habits. I certainly wasn't breaking any speed records today! But, after showering and resting a little I'm feeling good and ready to get back out!

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I haven't been able to ride recently, and I JUST got a new trainer tire for my bike , so I'm in the same boat with being off the wagon for a bit.

While everyone else is getting fit during the pandemic, I've just been getting fat.

Time to turn this franchise around!


Yes, exactly! October rolled around with so much candy in so many easy to get places (like, my candy dish), and I know Christmas won't be any better. Gotta get ahead of this now!