2019 March Equinox 10k Run To Work, by @run.vince.run
10.258 km
56 minutes
March 19, 2019

Here Is My Entry To The [EXHAUST](https://xhaust.me) 2019 March Equinox 10k Run

If you've been following along, you know that I have taken about a 3 week break from my usual Wednesday long run/commute to work. A lot has changed as it is darker, colder and can feel that Winter is approaching. It was pretty much dark for most of the 10km I ran for the Equinox 10km Run, the people that I usually see are no longer getting up early to get to work, and the roads are clearer as I am running into work. It's definitely a lot cooler as well with my glasses fogging up a little when I stopped running.

I hope this run was ok as it wasn't a loop, but definitely not an easy downhill only run. I used my commute as my run submission due to a lack of time during the rest of hte day...I still have my 5km run to do later today.

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