Cascade Head Lower Viewpoint, by @aussieninja
10.0 km
90 minutes
March 18, 2019

I totally forgot Exhaust had a hiking function!

Yesterday the sun was shining AND it was a Sunday, so we did the most Portland thing possible and go on a hike, followed by a visit to the Tillamook Creamery because, y'know, motivations.

The hike was glorious, the started at the Cascade Head Trail - South and the hiked up to the coastal views.

It's one of those hikes that has everything, a heap of forest where you're picking your way through the knotted roots and huge trees, through the dappled sunlight and then eventually get to the rolling hills. The rolling hills offer the best views, but they must have a gradient of a million because it was an effort... and there's no shade whatsoever by that point... but it is lovely, and a pretty fun workout.

We weren't a hiking couple in Melbourne, I think because we already had so many things on the go; social stuff, band rehearsals, photoshoots... so this little life-reset has been truly eye-opening in terms of exploring everything that's out there. I honestly had a great time, even though I was in the full sun for over an hour. I didn't get sunburnt at all, but the heat still affects me... I basically get headachey and weird for the rest of the day... where not even a cremery can fix it.

The Tillamook Cremery was mental.... it's totally made for huge crowds, and it was actually really good. I can see how it totally becomes a destination for groups of people who are taking a day trip down to the coast.

Somehow the hike/cremery combo took up the whole day. We thought we'd be back by lunch... but it was seriously 5pm when we got back. So much funness.

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