Bikes and Mushrooms, by @santigs
26.647 km
113 minutes
Oct. 12, 2020

We have a long weekend as today is bank holliday. It is also mushroom season and due to the long weekend, many people has decided to go to the forest to try to find some. I love doing so but as there has been so many people I decided to try some other day and took the bike. While riding I was looking at places I could come some other day to try to find mushrooms, we had some rain a few days ago and there were plenty of them. I am not an expert so I only look for the ones I know and even from the bike I was able to catch one :) On the way back home I stopped at the pumpkin field. The farmer has decided to seed a different crop this year but there is a little area where they still grow wild. I guess I may be able to catch one in a few weeks :)

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